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follow us Supports Adam Lambertís Human Right To Perform At Singaporeís Countdown Show 2016 Supports Adam Lambert’s Human Right To Perform At Singapore’s Countdown Show 2016

Below is our official response to the online petitions against his performance at Singapore’s Countdown Show 2016.

“What this church is doing is polarising the Singapore society and tearing its social fabric apart. Instead of preaching God’s love for all, it is preaching love for some and hate for others. It is also imposing its beliefs on others including non believers. In that respect, how is this church different from the terrorists like ISIS who kill infidels and murder gay people? If you don’t think Adam Lambert should perform, you can jolly well not attend nor watch the show, instead of depriving others of their freedom to attend or watch him perform. You should also throw away all your Apple products including your iPhones because Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is gay so its products must also be gay. You should also throw away all your branded fashion apparel because most of them are designed by designers who are gay, so no more Zara, H&M, Armani, A&F, Prada, Versace etc. for you. In fact, if you are so insecure about your own sexuality that you think somehow coming into contact with any gay persons will turn you gay, you should stop breathing air because it contains gay air that is exhaled from all the gay people all around you on buses, trains, everywhere. Perhaps you should live on Mars instead. LOL!!!”

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